March 2011 – Written Question on Grimebusters hotline

by Nigel Bakhai on 8 March, 2011


How many out of hours calls have been made to the new Grimebusters hotline in the three months since its introduction?

How much has been spent on the new Grimebusters hotline in the three months since its introduction?


The following number of out of hour’s calls have been received on the Grimebusters hotline. December – 43 January  – 51 February  – 28

£2,700 per month for additional team to provide additional resource to supply a weekend graffiti service.  (NB this cost will not apply from June 2011 when the new graffiti removal contract commences and the 24 hour graffiti service cost will be absorbed into overall contract value)Emergency cleansing and standard fly-tipping reports via Grimebusters are already covered within the overall contract cost. Ealing Customer Services (for daytime calls) have absorbed any additional workload as part of standard costs. Out of hours call handling (evening and weekends) is £1.85 x call.  Total of  £225.70. General comms/marketing: £10,712 Vehicle livery (grimebusters number): £3,279 This expenditure as well as our focus on keeping the borough clean has resulted in the best results ever for street cleanliness. The month’s monitoring figures show 96% of our streets in the borough received a ‘grade A’ score. In the last eight months there has been a succession of good results. In July, 93.5% of the borough’s streets were grade A, in August this rose to 95.6% and in September 94.6% of streets achieved this result. A 90% score in October and November was also the best ever achieved at that time of year when it is harder to gain good results because of falling leaves in the autumn. In December the results were up again to 95% being grade A.

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