Cllr Nigel Bakhai 2010-11 Annual Report

by Nigel Bakhai on 9 June, 2011

A year has now passed since the local elections in May 2010 and I would like to report back to residents on my eventful first year as a councillor in Elthorne.

First of all, I have had one of the best attendance records of all councillors over the past twelve months and have not missed a single meeting of full council (this is the main meeting for all 69 councillors across Ealing) , the Elthorne ward forum or the Crime & Community Safety Scrutiny Panel on which I served. I alternated meetings with Cllr Jon Ball as the Lib Dem representative on the Planning Committe, but I also attended meetings of Sacre (a committee on Religious Education in schools), and the School Travel Scrutiny Panel as a substitute for other Lib Dem Councillors when they could not attend. In addition to all the various council meetings that I went to,  I am the Vice-Chair of the Governing Body of Greenfields Children’s Centre in Southall where I chair the Finance, Property and Personnel committee, and I have been to numerous meetings of other bodies including the Hanwell Community Forum, Olde Hanwell Residents Association, the Ealing Police & Community Consultative Group and the Elthorne Safer Neighbourhood Police Focus Group.

However, I have not just attended meetings but, more importantly, I have raised a number of important issues on behalf of local residents in Elthorne in the council chamber  including Hanwell Community Centre, as well as to scrutinise decision-making and to hold the ruling Labour group to account for some of their unnecessary budget cuts, in particular those impacting frontline services such as reductions in the numbers of park rangers, and questioning their plans to close Hanwell and other libraries around the borough. I spoke in favour of the Green Man Lane estate redevelopment when it was passed by the Planning Committee in September, and I successfully opposed plans to demolish three late Victorian terrace houses on the Uxbridge Road in Hanwell. I have met with Transport for London and transport planners at Ealing Council to discuss a pedestrian crossing at the Church Road and St.George’s Road junctions with the Uxbridge Road, as well as meeting council officers to progress road safety schemes by St. Mark’s Primary School on Lower Boston Road and along the Boston Road. I have worked in conjunction with the Police and the Council to tackle the problems of drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and, in recent weeks, to prevent  illegal raves in the Brent River Park. Finally, but not leastly, I have also dealt with numerous personal matters and other council related issues on behalf of residents including amongst other things, arranging for a disabled parking bay, fixing council housing repairs, potholes and broken road signs, as well as clearing fly-tipping  across West Ealing and Hanwell. 

Unfortunately, I’m afraid with all this workload I haven’t the time to write about all my activities over the past twelve months in more detail here, but I hope this brief report shows that I am totally committed to working hard for residents and for our area. Please feel free to contact me if you have an issue and you think I can help.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Nigel Bakhai

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