June 2011 – Written Question about traffic-free cycling events

by Nigel Bakhai on 18 June, 2011


Following the success of last year’s Sky Ride in Ealing and the offer made by the London Mayor at a public meeting in Greenford earlier this year to share the costs of a future event, what progress has been made to plan another traffic-free cycle ride in the borough?


The Skyride event in 2010 required six months of planning, input and involvement from several Council Departments and cost the Council approximately £20,000 to organise with advanced works, traffic planning, marketing and communication. Even with a shared cost contribution, it is felt that the considerable staff resources required to support another event are not justified at this time. The Council’s transport planning service is instead focussing resources this year on delivering the main action plan priority in the Council’s Cycling Strategy – cycle hubs.  The first of these is being planned for Ealing Broadway.  The Council does however remain open to hosting a future Skyride event in future years.

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