Elthorne ward forum budget 2011-2012

by Nigel Bakhai on 3 October, 2011

Since 2008, Elthorne has been allocated a ward forum budget every year to spend on local environmental, transport, town centre regeneration or other projects in the area.

In 2010-2011, Elthorne had a budget of £40,000 and some of the funds from the ward forum went towards an alleygating scheme in Deans Road, establishing a new centre for providing arts in West Ealing, park benches in Elthorne Park, as well as lots of new cycle stands and street trees across the area.

Nigel Bakhai at King George’s Field in Hanwell

The ward forum budget was initially reduced to £37,500 in 2011-2012, but Elthorne has been awarded an additional £10,000 for having the highest rate of recycling in the borough. This year, your local Lib Dem ward councillor has agreed to invest £30,000 from the ward forum budget in a shop front improvement scheme which will benefit 21 businesses on Boston Road and along the Uxbridge Road in Hanwell and West Ealing.

The ward forum has also agreed to spend £20,000 on a project to improve a local park, King George’s Field in Hanwell, and in so doing, to tackle a problem with anti-social behaviour in the park. I have also been successful with a bid for an additional £20,000 in matched funding from the parks department so we have a total of £40,000 to spend on King George’s Field and proposals to redesign the park are now being developed in conjunction with members of the Olde Hanwell residents association.Please find below a table with this year’s agreed ward forum budget spending:

Projects 2011/12

Capital(£k) Revenue

Shop front scheme


Olde Hanwell R.A. Royal wedding party


Hanwell Carnival


Improvement’s to King George’s Field


Gating Scheme at Green Man Passage

Gating scheme at
12-20 Montague Avenue, 2-6 Montague Road
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