February 2012 – Oral Question about Housing Complaints

by Nigel Bakhai on 28 February, 2012


Would the portfolio holder please provide details of how the Council plans to review the Local Government Ombudsman’s recent decision to compensate a disabled tenant for leaving her in unsuitable accommodation to learn any lessons for the future from this case?


The Cabinet member said that mistakes had been made by Ealing Homes, the Council’s former housing management organisation, for which the Council were sorry.  Now that housing management was back under the Council’s direct control, services were working much closer together to resolve issues like this faster, and to offer the high quality services our residents expected.

The Council had now moved the resident and her family to suitable accommodation.  In accordance with the ombudsman report a case review panel of senior officers had been established to investigate and make recommendations on changes to policy and procedure.  Once the review was completed, the Council would then inform the ombudsman of the Council’s proposed changes and learning.

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