100% Attendance again

by Nigel Bakhai on 18 May, 2012

Attendance figures for the council year 2011-12 show once again that I have a 100% record in attending every meeting that I was scheduled to be at.

In all, I attended 32 meetings which is three more meetings in 2011-12 than the previous year.  One reason for this increase in the number of meetings is that this year has seen a few extra specially arranged council meetings in August following the riots, and again in May to debate the refuse and recycling problems after the change in council contractor from May Gurney to Enterprise. 

Furthermore, last year I was on a crime & community safety scrutiny panel which met five times, but this panel has been disbanded and I am now on a health scrutiny panel which meets more frequently.  Last year, though, I did also attend four extra meetings as a substitute for another Lib Dem councillor when they were unavailable which I have only been required to do once this year.

In addition to all the council meetings, I have also attended a number of various other meetings across the year with Martin Smith, the Chief Executive of Ealing Council, and other senior council officers. I have also met with Ealing Police Borough Commander Andy Rowell and, unlike my Labour or Conservative colleagues, I have not missed a meeting of the Elthorne Safer Neighbourhood Team Police panel this year. I have also made a point of going to as many meetings of other local organisations that have an interest in Elthorne ward as time will allow over the year including Boston Manor Residents’ association, Olde Hanwell residents’ association, Hanwell Community Forum, West Ealing Neighbours and West Ealing Businesses.

Here is a copy of my council attendance record in 2011-12

2011-12 Council Attendance No. of Meetings Attended
Council 11 11
Planning 9 9
Health 8 8
Elthorne ward forum 3 3
Overview & Scrutiny 1 1
Total 32 32

For your information, here is my record of council attendance by meeting in 2010-11

2010-11 Attendance No. of Meetings Attended
Council 9 9
Planning 8 8
Crime & Community Safety 5 5
Elthorne ward forum 3 3
Overview & Scrutiny 1 1
Sacre 1 1
School Travel 1 1
Value for Money 1 1
Total 29 29
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