Green Man Lane estate inspection

by Nigel Bakhai on 2 February, 2013

Cllr Nigel Bakhai at the Green Man Lane estate in West Ealing

Cllr Nigel Bakhai at the Green Man Lane estate in West Ealing

This week I went on an inspection tour of the Green Man Lane housing estate in West Ealing with a Housing officer, as well as members of the council’s estate management team and a senior caretaker.  We walked around the whole estate and identified numerous issues that will be reported for action and repair work that needs to be done.  For example, we came across a few broken paving slabs that needed repairing, and found a dumped settee by the recycling bins as well as an old washing machine outside a flat that was taken away. I noticed the amount of lighting differed in each of the blocks of flats on the estate. The lights in some of the blocks were all on, other blocks seemed to be all off and in some blocks there were lights on in the stairwells but those outside flats were off.  The housing officer knocked on doors to ask residents to remove bikes and other items from the communal walkways. Much to the annoyance of some of the tenants, this included door mats following a fire in Acton.  We found evidence of rough sleepers living on the estate with a mattress that was removed from one of the blocks as well as empty cans on the stairs. We also discovered smashed windows and drug paraphenalia on the stairs in Tintern Court, further proof of the recent problems with drug dealing in the block. I raised the security concerns of residents in Tintern Court with the broken front doors at the December council meeting and I have now written to council officers asking them to consider installing mobile CCTV in the block until the doors can be fixed to prevent rough sleepers and drug dealers from accessing the block.

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