Uxbridge Road Corridor improvements – Consultation results

by Nigel Bakhai on 9 June, 2013

In March and early April, residents in parts of Elthorne and Walpole were consulted by Ealing Council about a series of proposals for improving the Uxbridge Road in Hanwell and West Ealing. The main aims of the scheme were to improve road safety and the local environment by smoothing traffic flow, reducing traffic speed, making it safer to walk and cycle, and making better use of public spaces. Details of the scheme were posted to residents living around the Uxbridge Road as well as online on the council website, and two consultations events were held at St Josephs Church in Hanwell and St James Church in West Ealing.

Just over 500 responses were received and here is a brief summary of the results of the public consultation:

-Lower Boston Road junction – widening of the junctions with a wider crossing at Uxbridge Road – 67% in favour

-Widening the footway in Hanwell including removal of eastbound bus lane – 62% in favour

-New pedestrian crossing at Westminster Road – 68% in favour with 58% in favour of option 2 which retains a mature tree but does not widen footpath on south side

-Boston Road/ Hanwell clock junction – new mini roundabout including reversing Cherington Road – 59% in favour

-Church Road – mini roundabout with pedestrian crossing at all 4 junctions – 68% in favour

-Hanwell town centre – introduction of new 20 mile per hour zone – 69% in favour

-New cycle lane between Church Road and Eccleston Road with removal of westbound bus lane – 52% in favour

-New crossing at Eccleston Road removing banned left turn – 71% in favour

-West Ealing road safety measures – raising the crossing at 4 existing locations and new side road entries to reduce traffic speed and facilitate safer pedestrian movement – 67% in favour

– West Ealing town centre – introduction of new 20 mile per hour zone- 65% in favour

– Urban realm improvements at Green Man Passage – 64% in favour

At the start of June, I met the council’s Assistant Director of Transport and discussed the likely implementation plan as well as raising some of the concerns that residents have brought to my attention. The Corridor 1c plans are likely to take 12-18 months to obtain Transport for London approval. However,the council will try to prioritise the Church Road junction to get this part of the scheme approved quicker in order to install the much needed new pedestrian crossings. Moreover, the council is currently in the process of developing road improvement plans for the Uxbridge Road in Acton, Southall and Hanwell/West Ealing. Transport for London have said that there will be implications for traffic around the area if works are being undertaken on all 3 schemes at the same time, and have told the council they should only do two schemes at any one time. The council officer suggested that the council would like to get the Acton one going straight away and begin the Southall scheme. If they can get the Church Road junction scheme approved in 9-12 months time, they will then they will probably take a break from the Southall scheme to undertake the works at Church Road. The council officer also confirmed that the proposals for the Church Road junction can be done separately from the plans for the Hanwell Clock/Boston Road junction.

The Corridor 1c plans have now been passed to the Highways team to draw up detailed designs, and look into any safety or other issues flagged up in the comments from the consultation. For example, they will look at safety of the proposed courtesy crossing on Boston Road as a result of residents’ concerns with drivers potentially speeding round the bend. They will also look at changing the no entry sign at Balfour Avenue if traffic is reversed at Cherington Road. Furthermore, will also consider the impact of this proposal on southbound traffic down Deans Road and whether they need any additional requirements to mitigate this. Some residents have raised concerns with me about pedestrian safety if the railings are removed on the Uxbridge Road near the Hanwell Clock and the Viaduct pub. In response, I was informed that the council will have to provide a risk assessment for Transport for London to show they have considered all the safety implications for pedestrians before they can be withdrawn. Finally, I raised the concerns of residents with the proposed yellow lines in the Lawns area and, following my conversation with the council officer, I am hopeful that this particular proposal will be dropped.

Cllr Nigel Bakhai with London Lib Dem leader Caroline Pidgeon at the Church Road junction with the Uxbridge Road

Cllr Nigel Bakhai with London Lib Dem leader Caroline Pidgeon at the Church Road junction with the Uxbridge Road

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