June 2013 – Oral Question – Warren Farm

by Nigel Bakhai on 12 June, 2013


Would the Council leader please outline the council’s response to the legal challenge by the Hanwell Community Forum to the Warren Farm development?


Cllr Bell replied: “I have given the following comment to the press:

‘During the toughest economic times in our history, the council is trying to secure long-term investment in high-quality community sporting facilities that will benefit generations of Ealing residents. Before this agreement goes ahead, QPR will have to commit to significant investment in Warren Farm and its public facilities, so to suggest it is a gift is nonsense. If this legal action results in a judicial review it will put the council’s finances under even more strain, but we will be able to demonstrate that the  planning committee approval was sound and based on proper planning considerations, and that in granting a lease  council is acting in the best interests of the people of this borough.’

The council will be strongly contesting application for judicial review.  The council have carried out a thorough process in relation to both the selection of QPR and the planning application.

The selection of QPR brings much needed investment, better usage of the site and significant community benefits through on-going programmes both at the site and the surrounding communities, such as Havelock and Windmill Estates.

The planning process has been completed very thoroughly and has had the further checks and balances of consideration by the GLA and Secretary of States planning departments.  The GLA have supported the council’s planning decision, whilst the Secretary of State does not feel there are any conflicts with national policy nor any other sufficient reason to call in the application.  Therefore both have reverted back to the local authority to proceed in accordance with our original decision.

QPR have issued a statement that the club is aware of action being taken by the Hanwell Community Forum (HCF) against the London Borough of Ealing in relation to Warren Farm.  Queens Park Rangers Football Club remains committed to the project and will continue to work closely with the council to ensure that the planning permission and decision to lease the site to the club stands.”

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