July 2013 – Written Question – Income raised by Filming in the borough

by Nigel Bakhai on 25 July, 2013


How much income was raised by filming in the borough in 2012/13? If possible, please provide a breakdown of how much was raised by ward.


Over £270,000 of income for the council was generated in 2012/13 by the Council’s West London Film Office (WLFO), which is part of the Marketing & Communications department. The bulk of this income related to filming in Ealing but the office also works under contract for Harrow Council and charges a fee based on income. Income in 2012/13 was higher than almost every other year WLFO has been in operation. Ealing traditionally generates more filming income than all other outer London boroughs and a comparable amount to central London boroughs which benefit from key filming locations. Actual income year to year is volatile and uncontrollable as it is driven by the amount of feature film, tv and advertising production work being commissioned. WLFO takes care to manage filming so that inconvenience for residents is minimised. In some instances the office arranges for payments to be made to residents’ groups etc. by production companies as a gesture of goodwill.

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