July 2013 – Written Question – Legal Fees for Judicial Review over Warren Farm

by Nigel Bakhai on 25 July, 2013


How much has the council spent or expecting to spend on legal fees in the event of a legal challenge by Hanwell Community Forum to the Warren Farm development?


Whilst we have had a pre-emptive notice of action, the actual reason may change or have a greater focus on a particular area, therefore it is very difficult to estimate a budget amount for this, especially as there are many stages. Some of these costs will be recoverable from the organisation lodging the JR, should they not be successful with it. The council however, feels that it is very important to challenge any JR that is lodged and will make sure that the appropriate resources are available to defend any JR, given the significant capital investment, on-going revenue investment, local employment opportunities and significant community programme benefitting the surrounding areas. We will robustly defend any JR taken against a planning decision taken by the council. This decision was tacitly endorsed by the Mayor of London and Secretary of State for Communities and Local government who have both waived their right to call the decision in.

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