July 2013 – Written Question – Sound System in Council Chamber

by Nigel Bakhai on 25 July, 2013


A constituent complained about the poor quality of the audio system in the public gallery in the council chamber at a recent meeting of the Planning committee. Please can you tell me what is being done to improve sound quality in the council chamber or if there are any plans to upgrade the sound system


The current audio system in the Council Chamber and public gallery was installed at the end of the last century and the manufacturer stopped making spare parts in 2001. Spare parts installed recently have been ones cannibalised from obsolete equipment kept by the maintenance company. A new audio system has recently been procured and installation will take place in the week beginning 29th July 2013. The new system will have longer desk microphones and speakers placed discretely on the desks in the chamber rather than underneath as at present. This will boost audibility around the chamber. The amplifier and associated control equipment will also be replaced, made more accessible and training will be provided for Halls and Committee staff in how to operate the system. We are aware of the issues the public face, from time to time, at hearing the discussions in the chamber, while in the public gallery and once the system is installed we will test the operation of the speakers in the gallery, replacing them if necessary.

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