September Elthorne Policing Report

by Nigel Bakhai on 19 September, 2013

Here is my report of this month’s meeting of the Elthorne Safer Neighbourhood Police panel including the latest crime data.

The police began with an update on efforts to tackle the three ward priorities agreed at the previous meeting which were ASB from alcohol around St Mellitus Church, ASB from youths around Olde Hanwell, and residential burglary.

On dealing with alcohol related anti-social behaviour around St Mellitus Church, the team have stopped 36 people (including 8 residents of No.65 Broadway hostel on the Uxbridge Road) and made 19 confiscations of alcohol since the start of August. The team have made two arrests – one for a breach of an ASBO and the other as a result of a European Arrest Warrant.

The team have recently seized an estimated £88,000 of illegal alcohol in an operation with the HM Customs & Excise team. They also found a cannabis factory in the same location.

On tackling ASB from youths, it was felt that the trouble around King George’s Field had moved on in recent months although there were reports of a problem near the canal.

Tackling residential burglary is a borough priority and there have been 22 offences in Elthorne since May (May 7,  June 4, July 5, August 3 and September 3) including 8 attempted burglaries. 2 suspects were arrested in July, one of whom has now been charged. Given that the number of incidents of burglary tends to rise during the long winter nights, I requested that the team circulated some practical tips that residents can follow to protect their properties.

The team then went on to raise new issues in the ward since the last meeting. The first was ASB in Michael Gaynor Close where it was reported that one alcholic resident was said to be causing noise and nuisance to his neighbours.

The other issue raised was the problem of pickpockets or “dippers” operating along the West Ealing Broadway. These offences were often happening in the daytime, targetting elderly or vulnerable people by distracting them or following them from the Barclays Bank. There has been 2 offences in June, 10 in July, 5 in August but none so far in September. One person has been arrested after a plain clothes operation.

The crime statistics provided at the meeting were that there have been 36 offences of theft from motor vehicles since May (May 8, June 10, July 7, August 10 and so far one in September). A number of these thefts from motor vehicles include stolen number plates.

There have been 11 incidents of personal robbery since May (May 2, June 4, July 1, August 3, and again one so far in September). Most of these robbery victims tend to be teenagers, the offences largely happen after school and it is mainly mobile phones which are stolen.

The team performance figures for 2013/14 year to date are 24 arrests and 111 alcohol confiscations. This compares to 72 arrests and 172 alcohol confiscations in 2012/13, or 150 arrests and 345 alcohol confiscations in 2011/12.

One good news story was that 11 bicycles have been found, five of which have been returned to their owners.

The team have made visits to four nursing homes in West Ealing where they have given out crime prevention advice.

It was also suggested that the community payback team help to clear up St Mellitus Church garden which has become overgrown.

Following recent changes to the Met Police, as from Monday 16th September, the team now consists of Sgt Fazal, along with one dedicated ward PC Darren Evans, and one dedicated PCSO Stephen O’Reilly. PCSO Kelly Fleming has sadly left the team and is currently undertaking PC training at Hendon.

The new ward priorities agreed at the meeting were ASB at St Mellitus Church, residential burglary and theft/dipping.

Once again the Conservative Councillor for Elthorne failed to attend.

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