October 2013 – Written Question – Zero Hours Contracts

by Nigel Bakhai on 24 October, 2013


How many people are employed by the council and its service providers on zero hour contracts? Please provide a breakdown by directorate and what kind of jobs are done by people on zero hour contracts.


At the London Borough of Ealing those on zero hours contracts are referred to as “casual” or “as when required” employees. These contracts are offered for services where demand is usually variable and a specific number of hours work per week cannot be guaranteed. The contracts are therefore seen as an efficient and cost effective way for the Council to respond to such fluctuations in demand. There may also be specialist skills that are required for short periods of time e.g. Sessional Instrument Tutors, Pilates Instructors or Group Exercise Instructors. Employees on this type of contract are able to take on other employment.

The table below sets out the information requested for those on “as and when required” contracts who are employees. Information on which types of contracts individuals are employed by LBE’s contractors is not available.

No. of contracts

Children and Adults 219

Administration Assistant 1

Approved Mental Health Professional 1

As and When Required Play Leader 58

AWR Assistant Personal Advisor 1

AWR Family Support Worker/Contact Supervisor 34

AWR Target Personal Advisor 2

Caretaker/Cleaner 1

Contact Supervisor 5

Extended Services Consultant – AWR 3

Passenger Assistant 10

Relief Passenger Assistant 7

Senior Practitioner – SEN Pupil and Family Worker 1

Sessional Instrumental Tutor 30

Sessional Music Tutor 37

Sitter 28

Corporate Resources 17

CCTV Supervisor 8

Cleaner 2

Greenford Depot Security Supervisor 3

Mobile Security 2

Porter 1

Southall Town Hall Security Guard 1

Environment and Customer Services 75

As and When Required Gallery Assistant 22

Coach/Instructor (Fees) 13

Coach/Instructor (Fees)15.0674 1

Coach/Instructor (Fees)19.52 1

Group Exercise Instructor (REP L2) 9

Group Exercise Instructor (REP L2) 2 2

Pilates Instructor (REPS L3) 5

Sports Assistant 11

Sports Assistant AWR 1

Sports Assistant1 1

Sports Coach (Level 2) 5

Yoga Instructor (REPS L3) 2

Zumba Instructor 2

Regeneration and Housing 1

Casual Surveyor 1

Grand Total 312

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