Repairing pavements in Elthorne

by Nigel Bakhai on 18 November, 2013

Over the last three years Ealing council has agreed to spend £350k on new footpaths in Townholm Crescent, Shirley Gardens, Rosedale Close and Jessamine Road in Elthorne. This is good news for the residents in these roads but only the lucky few are chosen for inclusion in the annual footpath renewal programme.

I estimate that there are around 2,700 roads in the borough, and each year every road is inspected and graded for the condition of its pavements to decide if they should be included in the next year’s programme of works. The problem is that only 45 roads will have had new pavements between 2011 and 2014. This represents roughly 1.5% of the borough total and at this rate it would take 180 years to repave all the roads in the borough!

Not only has the council reduced its capital budget on pavements and footpaths but the council has also adopted a new risk based approach and made an estimated £250k savings by increasing the depths of defects requiring repair to 30mm for footpaths.

Nevertheless, at the request of residents I reported a number of cracked or dangerous pavements to the council in October.

First of all, while knocking on doors in York Close and York Avenue a lady told me that she had an accident following a fall. I reported this to the council and a Highways inspector visited York Avenue / York Close on the 10 October 2013 and found defects meeting the council’s intervention level outside 1A York Close with the junction of York Avenue. A repair order was raised with the council contractors and the works were completed on the 11th October 2013.

Repaired pavement in York Avenue

Repaired pavement in York Avenue

Another resident complained to me about the state of the pavements in Church Road and Netheravon Road near Hanwell Health Centre. One of the highway inspectors visited Church Road and Netheravon Road on 16th October and his findings were as follows:

1. The footway in Netheravon Road is in fairly good condition, however, the inspector noticed and marked two paving areas outside house nos. 11-13 and 15 for repairs, which met the council’s criteria for minor repairs. The repairs were completed following the inspection.

2. The footway in Church Road is also in good condition and no defects were found, which met the council’s criteria for minor repairs.

3. In addition to the above he also noticed some the gullies were blocked at the following locations, which were checked and cleansed last week and now fully functional.

a) One gully in Church Road by the junction with Nightingale Road.

b) Five gullies in Netheravon Road.

I also received an email from a resident about the state of the pavements in Eccleston, Endsleigh and Felix Roads in West Ealing. An inspection was carried out on 29 October 2013 and the inspector found the following defects.

· Eccleston Road –Two defects found in the carriageway meeting intervention levels. No defects found in the footway at the time of the inspection

· Endsleigh Road – The inspector found that both footways are in good condition at the time of the inspection

· Felix Road – One defect found outside the school meeting intervention levels.

All defects were reported to the council contractors for repairs to be carried out.

Please feel free to contact me if you spot a problem with dangerous or cracked pavements in your road.

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  1. Ricky says:

    I applaud your efforts and successes so far.

    Since one of the biggest deterrents to repairing these pavements seems to be cost, and given the enormous scope of this problem, this sounds like an excellent opportunity to look into alternative pavement solutions.

    Asphalt is used on pavements all over the country. It’s not brittle like concrete so might be a viable alternative. Newer asphalt blends even have the advantage of being porous so there’s no need to fear losing the drainage between concrete pavers.

    Of course due diligence will have to be done to determine it’s cost effectiveness. Is it as durable as concrete pavers? Is it more/less expensive to install or repair? Etc.

    Just a thought…

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