November Ealing Policing Report

by Nigel Bakhai on 21 November, 2013

Here is my report from the November meeting of the Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group including an annual borough policing report from Temporary Supinterindent Simon Message.

T/Supt Message outlined three key events in the policing calendar this year the first of which was the deployment of tasers across the borough from May 15th. Ealing now has 4 trained officers available on a 24 hour basis 7 days week and so far tasers have only been fired twice, both in cases of violence in the home, although the use of force has been deployed on 16 occasions.

The second key date was 24th June since when the local police have had a single parade site based at Ealing Police station. Ealing police station’s central location in the borough makes it an ideal place for the response team of 220 PCs, 25 Sergeants and 5 Inspectors to be based from, but it does mean that we see more response vehicles on flashing blue lights coming out of Ealing to other parts of the borough.

The third date was 16th September which was when the new Local Policing Model was introduced. Ealing police are now divided into 4 cluster teams. Each ward team now has at least one dedicated ward PC and PCSO, but 5 wards (Acton Central, East Acton, Ealing Broadway, Greenford Broadway and Southall Broadway) have an extra PC and PCSO. The cluster teams now operate from 7am to 11pm every day and upto 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. The Neighbourhood teams now comprise of 5 Inspectors, 26 Sergeants (was 24 previously), 152 PCs (was 67 before), and 46 PCSOs (was 75 previously). The Borough Support Team remains as one Inspector, 3 Sergeants and 21 Pcs. There is also a Detective Sergeant now assigned to each cluster.

T/Supt Message also provided some of the latest crime and policing statistics for the borough. To begin with Ealing Police are achieving their 90% target of attending urgent 999 calls within 15 minutes with 91.1% of calls currently being achieved. However, Ealing Police are missing their 90% target of attending less urgent calls within 60 minutes with only 88.1% currently being achieved. Ealing has around 1689 urgent and 2230 less urgent calls per month.

Most of the crime statistics provided show that crime is falling in Ealing over the last 12 months. In particular, robbery is down 34% and theft of motor vehicles is down 31.8%. Residential burglary is down 4.4% (against a target reduction of 7.7%), theft from motor vehicle is down 4.2% (against a target of 5.6% reduction) and violence with injury is down 8.1% (against a target of 8.2% reduction). The worst performing areas were non-residential burglary which was still down 1.3% against a 7.7% target reduction and theft from person which is only down 1.8% against a target reduction of 5.1%.

There have been 4 murders in the borough this year including a man who was stabbed in Southall Park and a man who was set on fire in Southall. There have been 6 gang related stabbings this year and one gang related shooting.

T/Supt Simon Message also mentioned that there have been seven stickers found on homes in the borough similar to ones used by criminals to identify vulnerable homes that has been reported in the Evening Standard. However, he indicated that so far the stickers they have found in Ealing seem to be unrelated to the Wandsworth cases and look like they have been put there by a locksmith touting for business. The number on the stickers in Ealing apparently go through to a genuine mobile number and the locksmith has been warned not to do it again.

T/Supt Message also said that Andy Rowell is still suspended following an investigation into Operation Elvedon, although the Crown Prosecution Service has said that there is no case to answer for criminal proceedings. In the meantime Nev Nolan is acting Borough Commander.

Finally, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has announced plans to set up Safer Neighbourhood boards in every borough. These boards are expected to replace the Police Consultative Groups from April 2014 and there will be a meeting in January for people to give their views in how the Safer Neighbourhood boards will run in Ealing.

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