January Elthorne SNT Police Panel

by Nigel Bakhai on 23 January, 2014

Here is my report from this month’s Elthorne Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Panel meeting.

Sgt Fazal began the meeting by going through the promises agreed at the last meeting and the actions taken to address these issues.

He started with residential burglary. There were 3 in September, 8 in October, 8 in November and 9 in December. There has been a cluster of burglaries around Townholm Crescent, Elthorne Avenue/Cumberland Road and around Olde Hanwell. In January there have been 3 burglaries and two attempted burglaries month to date. The January incidents seem to be mainly around Southdown Avenue. In response, the team are conducting a follow up visit to every victim and offering advice on security. They are also visiting recently released offenders in the area. The team had a good news story in October when a male was arrested for burglary and handling stolen goods at a local cash converters store.

Sgt Fazal then went through efforts to tackle the problem of street drinking in the area. The team have undertaken a series of successful visits to local off licences with officers from H.M. Customs and Excise. The team confiscated beer and cigarettes from one off licence. They also seized tobacco, wine and vodka from another off licence.The team found a third off licence selling alcohol to an intoxicated person. All three off licences are to have their licences reviewed following these incidents. The team have made 27 alcohol confiscations in September, 22 in October, 32 in November and 6 in December.

The third ward priority agreed at the previous meeting was theft from person. There have been 10 incidents between September and December. Most of these have been in West Ealing and have been primarily aimed at the elderly and vulnerable. Sgt Fazal raised the issue of the lack of CCTV in some of the smaller shops in West Ealing which makes it difficult to identify the perpetrators.

The panel were told that there have been 25 thefts from motor vehicles over the four month period between September and December. There has also been 2 robberies in September, none in October, 4 in November and one in December. Most of the victims of robberies tend to be teenagers and most of the thefts involve the loss of a mobile phone.

I raised the issue of police visibility in the ward. Since the new Local Policing Model was introduced in September the number of dedicated ward officers has been reduced and on the doorsteps many people complain that they do not see the police in their road. The local police are now organised around cluster teams and, in the case of Ealing, they are tasked with covering 7 wards (Cleveland, Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common, Elthorne, Hobbayne, Northfields and Walpole). I asked how often the Ealing cluster team patrol the streets of Hanwell, but Sgt Fazal wasn’t able to provide any details. My concern is that the cluster team are spending most of their time in central Ealing and consequently we are seeing less police on the beat in Hanwell.

The ward police promises agreed were residential burglary, theft from person and tackling street drinking. Once again the Conservative ward councillor failed to attend.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 16th April at Ealing Police Station starting at 7pm.

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