Church Road / Uxbridge Road Update

by Nigel Bakhai on 29 January, 2014

Work has now started on the planned changes to the Uxbridge Road junction with Church Road and St George’s Road.

I wrote to residents living around the junction in late December to advise them of the work taking place and to say how pleased I was that we are finally going to see the introduction of new pedestrian crossings on all four arms of the junction. As someone who lives close to the junction, I know how dangerous it is to cross at this junction, especially for the elderly, parents with young children or the disabled, and have long campaigned for a Green Man crossing.

However, when work began on January 20th I discovered that Ealing Council’s Highways team had agreed with Transport for London to start the works by removing the traffic lights and installing a mini roundabout first.

I have contacted council officers to express my concern that by not installing the pedestrian crossings first before removing the traffic lights they have made the junction even more hazardous for pedestrians.The reason given by officers is that it was done to mitigate anticipated delays and ease the traffic flow during the construction. It is obviously clear from their response that they think that traffic is more important than road safety, but officers promised to monitor the location and, if necessary, add new measures to help pedestrians at the junction.

I have received a number of complaints from understandably concerned residents and I have been told an ambulance was called to the area to treat an injured person on Thursday 23rd January. It is clear that the junction is not safe for all road users, but particularly cyclists and pedestrians at the moment.

After my first email raising concern with pedestrian safety, temporary barriers appeared at the corner of Church Road on Tuesday 21st January directing pedestrians to cross further up Church Road. Nevertheless, I have been in contact with the highways team once more asking them to speed up the works to install the pedestrian crossings as soon as possible, and officers are chasing up their counterparts at Transport for London to enable this to happen. Officers have also now narrowed all approaches down to a single lane to slow down the road traffic, and they are satisfied that the junction is operating normally again.

I have also raised the issue with the closed eastbound bus stop in Hanwell Broadway which means that residents have to to temporary stop in front of Azalea Close. The officer in charge of this project  tells me that he has discussed this matter with London Buses and he was under the impression that they had agreed to keep the stop open. His contact at London Buses has said that he thought that this has been done and hopes to re-open the bus stop on 29th January.

Cllr Nigel Bakhai with residents campaigning for a Green Man crossing at the Church Road junction with the Uxbridge Road

Cllr Nigel Bakhai with residents campaigning for a Green Man crossing at the Church Road junction with the Uxbridge Road

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