January 2014 – Written Question on Cycling Accidents

by Nigel Bakhai on 6 February, 2014


Please give a breakdown of the number of fatal, serious or slightly injured cyclists involved in collisions on the borough roads by year since 2010.


By category the breakdown is as follows:

  Killed Seriously   Injured Slight
2010 0 13 88
2011 0 10 103
2012 1 7 101

As data is received in arrears from Transport for London, there is insufficient data for all of 2013 to add to the table. This is expected to be available in a few months.

The data also needs to be considered against a background of significant increase in cycling rates in the Borough. Based on data from the Borough’s cycle counters, the three-year average (2010 to 2012) shows a 93% increase in cycling level.

Data from the Travel in London (TiL) reports indicates cycle mode share and number of trips in Ealing has increased as follows:

2008/09 to 2010/11: 2.1% (12,800 trips)

2009/10 to 2011/12: 2.4% (15,000 trips)

In terms of cyclist accident per journey, using the TiL data, this shows that the rate of cycling accidents in the Borough is decreasing from one accident every 46,257 trips in 2010 to one accident every 48,451 trips in 2011, an improvement of 5%.

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