February 2014 – Oral Question – Families in Elthorne

by Nigel Bakhai on 28 February, 2014

Details of an oral question I asked to the Portfolio holder for Children and Young People at the Full Council meeting in February:


Please can you tell me how many families in Elthorne ward have more than two children?


From available data it is not possible to derive the number of families with ‘more than two’ (i.e. three or more) children. However according to the 2011 Census, out of a total of 6,044 households resident in Elthorne ward 945 (16%) had ‘two or more’ dependent children in the household.

542 of such households were married couples, 83 were cohabiting, 211 were lone parents, and 109 were classified as ‘other household types’.

I also asked the following supplementary question:-


Does the Portfolio holder agree with Tory manifesto plans for the next General Election floated by MP Nadhim Zahawi to limit child benefit to families with two children or does she agree with me that policies like this and recent comments by Elthorne Councillor Anita Kapoor shows the Tories are out of touch with female voters and many modern hard working families?


The Portfolio holder agreed that Cllr Kapoor should apologize for her remarks. The Portfolio holder also added that the silence from the Conservative group showed their support for their colleagues views, and was the latest of a long list of Tory gaffs including Cllr Phil Taylor saying that David Attenborough should take a “one way trip to Switzerland” and Cllr Colm Costello’s online alter ego on the Ealing Today forum when he posed as ‘Mark Stevens’.

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