Ealing in Europe

by Nigel Bakhai on 16 April, 2014

Ealing Council approved a Liberal Democrat motion on Europe at its April council meeting. The Lib Dem motion recognised the benefits to Ealing of EU membership and rejects calls for a referendum on Europe unless new powers are transferred to Brussels. Unfortunately, due to time constraints the motion was not debated at the meeting, but was supported by both Labour and Liberal Democrat council groups.

Please find below a text of the motion:

11.5 Ealing in Europe

This Council notes:

The large number of jobs in the Borough which are dependent on being in Europe.

The huge economic benefit for companies operating in Ealing of EU membership.

That over 30,000 citizens of other European countries are exercising their EU rights to live and work in Ealing.

The many former residents of Ealing who now exercise their rights to live elsewhere in Europe.

The advances in environmental and social protection for Ealing residents that have originated from European legislation.

This Council therefore resolves that it is best for Ealing for Britain to remain firmly in the European Union and rejects calls for a referendum except in the event that there is a future proposal to transfer more powers from Westminster to Brussels.

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