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April Elthorne SNT Police Panel

by Nigel Bakhai on 22 April, 2014

Here is my report from this month’s Elthorne Police Panel meeting.

The main issue discussed at the meeting related to the ongoing street drinking problem in Hanwell town centre. The Police have requested a review into three local off licences which have been found in breach of their licensing laws. St Mellitus Church has now padlocked their garden, and as a result many of the street drinkers have now moved to in front of Our Lady of St Josephs instead.

The police also reported that they had recently undertaken evening shifts to patrol the Green Man Lane estate, particularly around Tintern Court, as a result of problems with ASB and drugs.

The figures for residential burglary provided were 9 in January, 6 in February, 1 in March and 2 so far in April.

The number of thefts from motor vehicle were two in January, 11 in February, 8 in March and 3 so far in April.

There were 14 reported offences of theft from a person so far since the start of the year.

The number of robberies from a person was 3 in January and 2 so far in April. Many of the recent incidents appear to be from young people around the Green Man Lane estate.

The Elthorne team performance in 2013/14 included 32 arrests and 175 alcohol confiscations.

PC Darren Evans has now left the team to start a new post in CID. Sgt Fazal is in the process of finding a replacement. PC Kelly Fleming has rejoined the team and we also currently have PC Erhan Mustafa.

Inspector Susan Hayward is also expected to leave the Ealing area team in the near future to take up a new role at Heathrow.

The local priorities agreed at the meeting were drugs on the Green Man Lane estate, ASB from street drinkers and robberies from a person.

Once again the Conservative Councillor for Elthorne failed to attend. She has not attended either of this year’s police panel meetings just as she didn’t attend any meetings last year.

The next meeting is scheduled for 31st July 2014 at Ealing Police Station.

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