Elthorne Local Elections 2014 – The Results

by Nigel Bakhai on 24 May, 2014

I would like to thank the residents of Hanwell and West Ealing for all their support over the last four years. I have very much enjoyed my time being one of your representatives in the council chamber and helping local people with their issues.

I have had lots of messages of support during the campaign over the last few weeks and since the election. Lots of people told me that they voted for me even if they weren’t normally Lib Dem supporters because they knew I care about our area and always worked in the best interests of our community. Even members of the other parties have told me that they thought I was a good councillor and worked hard for our area.

I would also like to thank my Lib Dem colleagues Joanna Dugdale and Harjinder Singh for all their help in the recent elections. Harjinder and I have been friends for a long time, but Joanna was expecting to be a candidate in another ward and was only selected to fight Elthorne at the end of March, so I would like to pay particular tribute to her for all her efforts throwing herself into the Elthorne campaign in such a short space of time.

Unfortunately, the results in Elthorne were not as I would have wanted and we now have 3 Labour councillors elected in our area. As one councillor in a split ward with both Labour and Conservative councillors it was always likely to be a battle retaining my seat because the other parties have far greater resources, but I have to take some of the blame myself for being too busy doing the job of a councillor and not campaigning hard enough over the four years to tell people what I was doing for them locally or explaining why Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems were having to make such unpopular decisions in government to sort out the mess Labour left behind in the economy. However, the tide in Ealing, as it was across most of London, was very much against the parties in the Coalition Government, and the Tories lost 12 seats to my sole defeat for the Lib Dems.

Nevertheless, though, it may be personally tough for me to take this result, I congratulate the new Labour councillors on their success, but I will always be grateful to the people of Hanwell and West Ealing for the opportunity to represent them and the warmth they have always shown me since I first moved to the area.

Turnout: 41.77%
Electorate: 10786

Name of candidate Description Number of votes
BAKHAI Nigel Liberal Democrat 1155

BASU Suneil

The Green Party 595


Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


CAMADOO Joanna Diana

Labour Party Candidate

1981 – elected


The Conservative Party Candidate


DUGDALE Joanna Louise

Liberal Democrat 613


Labour Party Candidate

2122 – elected


The Conservative Party Candidate


LYON Laura Stephanie

UK Independence Party (UKIP)


MASON Peter Elijah Jonathan

Labour Party Candidate

1863 – elected

POTTS Ian Michael

The Conservative Party Candidate


SINGH Harjinder

Liberal Democrat 426
WARLEIGH-LACK Christopher Byron The Green Party 572
2014 Elthorne Lib Dem team - Nigel Bakhai, Joanna Dugdale and Harjinder Singh

2014 Elthorne Lib Dem team – Nigel Bakhai, Joanna Dugdale and Harjinder Singh

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  1. Louisa says:

    Dear Nigel,
    Thank you for ALL your help!
    The work you did in Ealing was HEART FELT and sincere. Please continue to fight and come back stronger as our MP. We miss you! Please email me back. My Local Residents Team would like to meet with you and plan your ultimate comeback…

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