Why I’m standing for Ealing Southall

by Nigel Bakhai on 19 April, 2017

I have decided to let my name go forward to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ealing Southall in the General Election that is in the process of being called for June 8th this year. I could quite easily have quit politics altogether after losing my council seat in May 2014, but instead I find myself gearing up for my fourth attempt to win this seat.

Like many of my fellow Liberal Democrats I was disappointed in the EU referendum result last year. As a democrat I accept the referendum result and that the majority of the British people want to leave the European Union, but Brexit can be handled in many different ways. We object to the Tories’ vision for a hard Brexit and the potentially disastrous impact this will have on our economy and our society. This election gives us a new opportunity to fight for a Britain that leaves on good terms with our European friends, and access to the Single Market for all the jobs and benefits that this brings to our country.

Clearly Theresa May’s reasons for her u-turn in calling this election are primarily driven by political opportunism and the weakness of the official opposition under Jeremy Corbyn. However, the Liberal Democrats are growing in membership both nationally and here in Ealing. We have shown in Richmond Park and in local by-elections around the country that our positive view of post Brexit Britain is winning over voters. We look forward to this snap General Election to show that we are the real opposition to the present Conservative Government and locally against Labour in Ealing Southall.

We will fight Tory plans for a hard Brexit and give people a say on the exit deal. But this election is not just about Brexit. Locally we are opposed to Tory proposals to expand Heathrow airport and the pollution it will bring. We are also concerned about the impact of Tory budget cuts to schools, health and social care services. Finally, I think the people of Ealing Southall deserve a first class local MP who will stand up for his or her residents in Westminster, and I still believe I am the best candidate for the job.


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  1. Barry Riches says:

    Nigel, I am delighted that you are making this move. You have been greatly missed as one of Elthorne councillors that lost their position due to the disastrous pact. I wish you all the very best and will certainly be placing my cross against your name in the election to come.

  2. Nick says:

    Long term tory voter now voting Lib Dem. Broken promises about Heathrow and the disaster that was the Brexit referendum. Fed up of the NHS and schools not being funded. Time for a change.

  3. Indrakumar Bakhai says:

    Importantly Fair and Balaced Politics are ways Forward for the country. Vote Lib-Dems for best , sincere and hard working candidate. With Nigel,you see what you get whereas with other candidates zero presentation at local level.
    Indra Bakhai

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